Started as an idea between two friends in Denver Colorado in the Summer of 2001 SHERBERT began with and still exists on one simple idea: to inspire and to be inspired. In todays world we are constanly looking for something to keep us going, something to get us excited and most of all something to do that we enjoy. SHERBERT is our way of sharing the artist and writers that inspire us and hopefully will inspire our readers.

Each issue of SHERBERT is based on a loose theme and features emerging international talent in the fields of illustration, photography, design, and literature. SHERBERT is an "open submission" based magazine and we are always looking for new artists and writers to submit work for possible inclusion in an upcomming issues. If you are interested in submitting work check out our submission guide lines here.

SHERBERT does not contain traditional advertisements instead we raises funds to print each issue by accepting "sponsorships" at various monetary levels. This funding and support comes from small businesses, art entities and individuals. Sponsors are recognized in a concentrated area in the back of each issue. For information on sponsoring an upcomming issue send us an email

Now located in Brooklyn, NY SHERBERT is looking forward to publishing more magazines and finding new ways to inspire and be inspired.