MArch 28th 2011

- Hello, Welcome to the SHERBERT Magazine website. It's been a while since we posted here, see our list of excuses below. Our son is now almost 4 and we are still doing all those things and a few more. However, we were doing some spring cleaning the other day and found some back issues of issue 6 that we figured we should offer up to our loyal fans and those people who may have stumbled accross the site accidentally! So in the interest of spring cleaning, from now on you can pick up copies of issue 6 for only $10 (a $5 savings!)


Issue 6 is really awesome and if you are a fan of the mag and don't have it this is a good chance to pick it up for a good price. If this is your first time checking out SHERBERT take a chance and buy something awesome! you can pick it up in our online store here: SHERBERT ISSUE 6


Feb 28th 2008

- A quick note to everyone checking out this site for updates. We are still here, But we have taken a bit of a break from SHERBERT over the past year because life has been very busy... All good things, but we are still figuring out how to juggle everything... In the last year, Kalene and i have moved from Brooklyn to Carmel NY, had an a baby( his name Is Easton Coney Weise and he is amazing! ), opened a design studio, Started an art gallery called OPEN SPACE in Beacon NY, and started teaching.... so life is busy, but we are figuring everything out and are looking forward to getting back to working on SHERBERT issue 7. In the meantime issue 6 and limited copies of issue 5 are still available for sale through our online store.

thanks for checking in. talk to you soon...

31st 2007

- Today is the day! The wait is officially over, SHERBERT Magazine issue 6 is now available in our online store! We are very excited to have this issue finished and ready for everyone to see. We did a lot of new things with this issue, for example we increased the page count by almost 20 pages to 64, we switched to a "perfect bound" spine (this allows the magazine to lay flat and eliminates the need for staples) and our covers have been printed in metallic ink with our print goccu in our basement studio. We also have the usual theme inspired extras, a mix CD from Nobot media, a design it yourself postcard from Smiling Disease, a custom typeface designed by Luke Prowse, and pages and pages of awesome art, photography and writing. Go to our online store and pick up your copy today. Actually you might want to pick up 2 just in case....

July 27th 2007

- Well the cover printing is going great and we are going to officialy release Issue 6 on Monday the 31st of July.
See you then!

July 12th 2007

- Well It's ON! Yesterday, 21 boxes of magazines arrived at SHERBERT Headquarters, 1000 magazines total. We still have to handprint and hand number each and every cover, but the issue we have been working on for over a year is finally here and almost ready to go. Stay tuned for an oficcial release date!

June 18th 2007

- Another quick update: We had a few problems at the printers that they are figuring out as quickly as possible. if all goes as planned( fingers crossed) we should have the magazine the first week of July. thanks again for all your patience.

June 7th 2007

- Just a quick SHERBERT update: We just heard from the printers today and the Issue will be in the mail on Friday and we should have it early next week. We are very excited to get this issue ready for everyone. In the Mean time we have been screenprinting the CD's that come with this issue. After we are done with the CD's the magazine should be here and we can print the covers of them as well. Sometimes I feel like all we do is print for SHERBERT.... at least it's fun. stay tuned...

In addition to getting the magazine ready, Kalene and I have been working on a little business by the beach. check it out, and if your in NY stop by some weekend it's not raining...

May 12th 2007

- we just finished printing our promo postcards for this issue. 200 two-color print goccu cards with artwork by A.J. Purdy. they came out great! what fun. send us your address and if we have any left we'll send you one.

May 8th 2007

- Issue 6 is at the printers and we should be getting proofs back any day now... then it's on! This issue is going to be so awesome! look for it here mid June and everywhere else in the begining of July! thanks again for your patience.

In the mean time check ou this little project Kalene and i have planned for this summer....
Coney island Shortcakes
is a little idea/business we have been talking about for a while now and it's actually happenng. If your in New York City this summer, come out and see us!

March 22nd 2007

- Issue 6 is super close to going to the printers.... we promise it will be worth the wait.

March 19th 2007

- Issue 7 Theme "Communication & Corespondence" Call for Entries now posted. check it out.

February 2nd 2007

- I'm sure there are some of you coming to this site looking for the new issue, well don't worry it's almost ready but not yet... thanks for your patience SHERBERT has always been a little slow, but hopefully it's always worth it. more info soon.

December 13th 2006

- A great big THANK YOU To all of those who submitted work for issue 6. The response has been amazing. Sooo much good work has come in for this issue, more than any other. The selection process has been very tough... We will be sending out emails to the contributors chosen for issue 6 on December 20th and if all goes according to plan the issue should be ready for consumption by January 30th. Thanks for looking

November 17th 2005

- Hello everyone just a reminder, tomorrow is the last day to get in submissions for issue 6. send your work to:

- Also if you have tried to send in your submission and it got bounced back we apologize we were having some problems that have since been resloved. so if you sent something in the last day or two and it got sent back please resend

October 31st 2005

- Holy crap! The nice folks over at Utne Magazine have nominated SHERBERT for a 2005 Utne Independent Press Award in the category of General Excellence: Zines. This is the most exciting news ever as the Unte reader is one of our favorite sources for independant literature and ideas and it's an honor to be recognized by them! The winners will be announced in the January/February 2006 issue. Cross your fingers and wish us luck.

October 22nd 2005

- SHERBERT launches it's new and always in need of improving website. We are trying to give you a bit more information with this one. If you have any suggestions as to how we can make it better let us know.