SHERBERT magazine issue 6 "The Personal Space Issue" - July 2007

This issue is 64 black and white full bleed pages printed on heavyweight stock, perfect bound with a black heavyweight coverstock, and comes packaged with a NOBOT media MIX CD, A 6" wooden ruler to determine Social Distance, a mix CD from Nobot media, a design it yourself postcard from Smiling Disease, and a custom typeface designed by Luke Prowes is used throughout the issue . Limited to 1000 copies, each issue is hand numbered and each cover is hand printed.

Contributors : AMDreer & John Lacko , Nick Martin, Luke Prowes, Calico Keene, Jet-pac, Gonzo, Tina Anderson, Ian Lynam, Fumi Nakamura, Anya C. Yurchyshyn, Andrew Hansen, Robert Hanson, Ric Stultz, Hart+Larsson, Andy Rementer, I Like Drawing, Jeff Knutson, Reece Hobbins, Marilee Sweeney, Damian Weinkrantz, Vi Landry, Walton Dale, Scott Larkin, Dust La Rock, Evgeny Kiselev, kozoo, Infinity, Joseph Magliaro, Chris Dickason, Peter Sunna, A. J. Purdy, Michelle O'Brodovich, Galia Durant (Psapp), Angela Trevithick, Bob Kronbauer, Kelly Burns, Jason Thielke, Jim Darling, Institute of Sociometry, I-Manifest

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SHERBERT magazine issue 5 "The Childhood Issue" - February 2006
This issue is 48 black and white full bleed pages printed on heavyweight stock and comes packaged with a Wooster Collective vs SHERBERT Magazine coloring book, a mix CD from DJ idiom from Denver, and 3 pixie sticks. Limited to 800 copies, each issue is hand numbered and each cover is hand stamped with a sponge logo.

Contributors : Jordin Isip, Melinda Beck, Chloe’, Pure Evil, Jet - Pac, Poch, Michael Sieben, Tina Anderson, Lindsay Bourget, Basit Khan, Jim Darling, Eugene Good, James Rogers, Jon Nedza, Matthew Isaac Chiabotti, Andy Mueller, Kalene Rivers, Rebecca Woolf, Christopher Sleboda, Ray Young Chu, Aaron Ray, Mark Andrew Penxa, Keith Shore, Andy Titus, Chris Mcnally, Luke Prowse, Jeff Marsten, Dan Weise, Brandy Gee, Anthony Ilacqua, Jenna Wilson, Gavin Levey, Chris Cory, Yok, Calma, Crasto, Jace, Buffmonster, White Rabbit, D Face, Captain Rouget, Tina Anderson, Bryan Collins, Abe Lincon Jr., Doma, Dave the Chimp, Units, Honest, MCA, James Gallagher, Dave Warnke, Galo, Medium, Marilee Sweeny, Jet+Rubble, Jon Burgerman, Bob Kronbauer, PMH, Nano4814, Rick Caltow, Travis Millard, Tofer, Derrik Hodgson, Matt Sewell, Rick Griffith, Peter Hamlin, Sea Creative

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